Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I (think) I can survive without OSAP!

Since I have nothing better to do with my afternoon off I've been constantly visiting the NU Blogs and Videos group on facebook to see if anyone else was added. I have a feeling this could be quite addictive and detrimental to my entire life...

I haven't yet decided if I want to remain anonymous -- chances are I'll be too lazy to make up secret identities for everyone that I want to write about and end up mixing up their code names and.. sigh.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I moved back home for the summer -- third year in a row, can't break the streak now! After being fired last summer (from MR SUB of all places) for "not looking interested" when I'm at work ...seriously, what the fuck? -- this summer the diva in me decided "hell nawwww" to interviews and "shut up skank!" to handing out resume after resume.

What's my secret?

I posted a few ads for babysitting and cleaning. Now I'm making cash every day, suckas!

It's not so bad, you know, working for yourself. Set your own schedule, take time off whenever you want and no one can fire you for not looking interested! ...stupidpooface. Just don't be like me and decide at 6am you don't want to get up and clean for an appointment at 8am. That's where you get into some trouble... let me tell you.

Fun anecdote time!

Just last week I realized that I can infact CRY ON DEMAND. Not to self: add to resume. If only I had realized it sooner, damn! Anyways, what transpired was... I stayed up super late, previously made an appointment for 8am for the next day and -duh- didn't want to get up to pee, nevermind go clean a crazy lady's house.

My alarm goes off... I toss and turn in bed scheming up excuses for the phone call I'd be making in an hour's time. Then it comes to me... "CAR TROUBLE!!" ... but do I want the money??

Apparently not, because an hour later I was in tears gasping out sentences to a woman over the phone. She was understanding -- and you'll see me next on Broadway.


Monday, July 28, 2008

I'm SO green

I’m new to the blog-world – so bare with me… I use a lot of dot dot dots and dashes.

I’ve already started reading a few of the NUBLOGS. I’m going to link them somewhere… (here I go with the dot dot dots already!) & if you’re not on the list, let me know so I can add you!

Anyhoo, I’m going to try something a little off the beaten path so to speak. Down below is what you’ll probably see a lot of in my blog.

The lack of social awareness in every town/city can be frightening – to say the least! – and also very helpful – particularly @ Nip. These type of people (the socially unaware) mainly act as my resource for “WHAT NOT TO DO IN PUBLIC”.

But don’t count yourself out, dear readers… because we are all a spring board for each other’s social aptness – if you will. No one gets left behind in this vicious circle of society. Come on now, we’ve all seen an unfortunate human being (probably today,too!) and thought to ourselves, “I really hope I don’t dress/act/look like that… EVER!” And that thought… and collection of thoughts through-out our many adventures has shaped our entire social perspective.

Where am I going with this? I don’t really know… I guess I was trying to write some fascinating interlude to help you understand WHY I would focus on individuals such as these. In the meantime, just try to enjoy my observations. I suppose this paragraph can act as some sort of disclaimer for those who don’t understand… but it is likely that you will be the one I’ll have the honor of observing sometime anyway!

It’s always nice to hear a funny little story every once in awhile. Don’t fret! I can provide you with MANY of those… from time-to-time, of course ;)

These are fun – and I encourage other NU Blog/Video people to do these, too. BASICALLY, all you have to do is grab that digi cam, cell phone, video camera or whatevs, and document your day that way. Take pictures/video all day and upload them to your blog with brief captions. Your day may seem boring, but once you see what other people’s DITLANs are like you won’t feel so bad… HA.

Now excuse me while I figure out this bidnezzzzzzz